There is a one time only registration fee of $25.00 per student per year. This is due at registration and covers student insurance, information sheets and various mailings sent throughout the year.

All students or legal gurdians must complete the registration form, liability waiver and emergency contact sheet, available here.

We accept only cash, checks or money orders made out to "Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc." for registration fees, tuition, PUDwear, costume fees, etc. Tuition is to be paid once every two months due on the first day of each pay period. No monthly statements will be sent.

Registration, tuition, and/or costume fees cannot be refunded or transferred between students/families. We encourge all students to confirm their interest/availability regarding any and all classes for which they register, prior to making payment (You may pay for one trial class before registering). Once a student registers and pays for a two month pay period of classes, there are no refunds or transfers. If a student drops a class during the standard school year (September-June), the same student may use any remaining tuition balance as a credit towards make-up classes during that current dance year. If no make-up classes are taken, any remaining balance will be forfeited.

A discount is given to families with two (2) or more students enrolled in dance classes according to the following: oldest student OR longest class = full tuition, all other classes =10% off. This offer is for immediate families from the same household only, not including cousins, etc.

Alternately, a 10% discount will be given to a student who takes more than one dance class per week (longest class = full tuition, all other classes = 10% off).

*ONE discount per student!

If tuition is not received by the 7th day of the pay period, there will be a $10.00 late charge added to the tuition account. (If you missed your class, you may mail in or drop off your tuition in our mail slot by the 7th.)

If tuition is still not received by the 15th day of the pay period, the student will be dropped from the class, allowing their spot to be filled by a student on the class wait list. If the dropped student would like to return to class at a later time, he or she will need to re-register and pay a second $25 registration fee. Admittance back into a class is dependent on availability — if the spot was filled by someone on the wait list, the returning student will be put on the wait list. RE-ADMITTANCE AFTER MISSED TUITION PAYMENTS IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc. intends to seek 9% interest per annum on any unpaid tuition balance or other money due and owing from any dancer to Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc.

Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc. intends to seek any attorney's fees, costs of collection and/or litigation and court costs that may arise from pursuing any unpaid tuition balance or other money due and owing from any dancer to Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc.

Pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statutes, any person who issues a check or order to Picture Us Different Dance Studio, Inc. and fails to have sufficient funds, and fails to pay the amount of the check or order within 30 days following a written demand shall be liable to the payee or a person subrogated to the rights of the payee for, in addition to the amount owing upon such check or order, damages of treble the amount so owing, but in no case less than $100 nor more than $1,500, plus attorney fees and court costs. (720 ILCS 5/17-1a).

There will be a $35.00 service charge on each returned check. If the studio receives three or more returned checks from the same individual, we will have to ask for cash only when paying for any class or other service.

Students photos and videos may be used in a variety of media needs. To consent use of your likeness in these forms, the Media Consent form must be signed by an appropriate individual. This form is available here.

If a student is absent or has dropped a class, there will be NO TUITION CREDIT OR REFUND. All missed classes may be made up at your convenience anytime during the current pay period in the appropriate class. If a student drops a class, please inform the studio since there is a waiting list to enroll in many of our classes. If a student has missed three consecutive classes without reason, and/or has a balance past due, the studio will drop his/her place in class.

Due to the disturbance it causes in the classroom, please have your student in class and ready to dance on time (shoes on, etc.). It is very important to attend class regularly in order to learn all the new material that is being taught each week. Students that do not attend class regularly, or start class mid-year, may not be able to advance to the next level the following year.

There will be no credits or refunds given due to studio closings due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, power outages, etc.). These will be handled as a missed class, and can be made up at any time during the present school year in the appropriate class.

Dancewear must be worn to class, but we shy away from a standard uniform in order to encourage individuality in the classroom. We strive to bring out our dancers' personal styles not only through dance, but through self-expression and personality. NO JEANS, BAGGY OR RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING. HAIR MUST BE PULLED AWAY FROM THE FACE.

Any color shoes may be worn to class. However, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes, and light pink ballet shoes must be worn in the June Production. (Jazz shoes are optional for younger students; please contact the class instructor if you have questions.) *Jr. Companies and Companies may be required to wear alternative footwear in the June Production; please see instructor.

Please be sure to put your name in/on all belongings including, but not limited to shoes, bags, coats, etc. The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, or for any ordered items (PUDwear, costumes, videos, etc.) that are not picked up.





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