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The PUD Philosophy... and why it works!

We are privileged to spend years with the students who come to the studio, watching them grow into teenagers and adults, and we marvel over their developments.

They come to "take dance class" and their hopes vary from a desire to dance to so much more. Not so long ago, we shared their dreams, without a clue of where dreams and dance would take us. We were fortunate to have the opportunities we did - some good, some not - and we try to bring these lessons and experiences to each and every one of our students, classes, and performances.

"Be Different!"

We use the word "different" in so many things we say, do, and print. Our belief in the value of "different" is so solid that we wear it as our name and hope our studio and our dancers are "pictured differently."

We encourage and nurture our students to perform outside of their comfort zone, to do different things, and to welcome new challenges without being afraid, overwhelmed, or unconfident. Through new experiences, people learn and grow, becoming more than they might be by staying on a comfortable course. They learn to be flexible and adapt to new situations and new people. We hope to not only stretch our students and help them discover what they can become, but we hope to also introduce them to many different approaches, experiences, and people so they can appreciate a variety of perspectives with an open, receptive, appreciative mind. If our students can value differences in others and themselves, they will succeed in dance and in life.

But "different" doesn't just happen, and what you see when you watch PUD dancers perform isn't a casual accident of spending an hour or so a week in "dance class." Dance skills are taught and nurtured; but drawing someone out and growing their confidence to "be different" requires encouragement. We insist on a non-threatening environment in our studio - making it a place where students can feel they are good enough, not stressed, and can enjoy their experience.

Through a non-competitive, non-confrontational environment, we encourage all of our dancers to push themselves to achieve what they want to achieve every time they are here. Perhaps the two most important traits we show every student are caring and empathy. There is no room in a caring, empathetic place for yelling, negativity, or competitive dancer-on-dancer rankings. People learn what they live, and we structure our dancers' "PUD Life" so they learn by example to care about what they do, and, more importantly, truly care about other people around them.

Now, our positive, encouraging ways of teaching are aimed at the whole person, but - rest assured - our efforts do indeed turn out some fine, accomplished dancers and performers! By reading the resumes of so many of our current and former students, you will quickly see how many have gone on to a profession in the field of entertainment. The combination of their talent and "want to" with our teaching style is a proven winner!

Thank you for your support of this studio and what we try to impart to everyone who passes through!


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