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What's the Big Deal...
...about being a P.U.D. Company or Jr. Company Member ? ? ?

Throughout each year, many people wonder what is so special about being a P.U.D. Company or Jr. Company member… the truth is, SO much!

These groups are the core of Picture Us Different, and are specially composed each year of not only fantastic dancers, but wonderful role models to all of our younger dancers. Former P.U.D. Company and Jr. Company members can be seen in all areas of professional entertainment, from television and movie roles, professional dance companies and sporting events, in front of the audience and behind the scenes… not to mention all of our P.U.D. alumni in successful careers from science and medicine to finance and business to education and art!

The truth is, a P.U.D. Company or Jr. Company class is about so much more than just technique and choreography… while dance is obviously a huge part of the program, it is also about self-confidence, poise, charisma, respect, responsibility, growth, opportunity, determination, teamwork, and achievement. The life lessons learned at P.U.D positively benefit all aspects of life: performance auditions, collegiate entrance exams, job interviews… we know our P.U.D. Company and Jr. Company members are a step above the rest!

They have style, they have grace… they are beautiful people, inside and out. Perhaps most importantly, they have the skills learned from dance and beyond to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to not only reach for the stars - but to become one!


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