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There is a place that is warm and inviting, the walls bursting forth with creativity, respect, and positive energy.
It is a place that welcomes all ages, all sizes, all talents... it does not discriminate, it does not pose bias,
it does not foster competition amongst friends or family.

There is a place that exudes professionalism without being too pristine or cold, not deferring to the alabaster walls and stark details of other places with a similar purpose. It is a place that has been worn-in, but not worn out,
by passion, drive, determination, and countless hours of hard work.

There is a place full of history with floors graced by thousands of feet over many, many years;
words of gratitude and admiration proudly displayed; names forever inked on the walls.
It is a place that embodies the spirit of these words, and it is proud to have served
as a second home to each and every name.

There is a place that knows you, your personality, your quirks, your family and friends,
and perhaps has seen you grow from a bright and gifted child into a teacher, a doctor, an entertainer,
a scientist, a movie star, a business person, a mother. It is a place that will always welcome you back,
even after you have long since participated in everything it offers.

There is a place that produces amazing productions and even more amazing people. It is a place that loves you
and is loved by you, appreciates and encourages all that you have to offer, and hopes to see you back year after year.

There is a place called Picture Us Different Dance Studio...
                                        and there is no better place.




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